I Scared a Mountain Lion, Oh My!
PCT Days 6-7

PCT Thru-Hike

Camping solo near Pioneer Mall Trailhead

It’s Getting Rocky Out Here

I spent a night just north of Pioneer Mail Trailhead after a long day of solo hiking. I’ve been enjoying the solitude of hiking alone – and the views – but sometimes things can get a little scary!

This area of the trail is very rocky, with lots of steep, sandy downhills, where it’s easy to slip, Careful footwork is required. Adding to my anxiety, I startled a mountain lion as I came around a sharp bend. He didn’t show his face but gave me a good growl before scampering off into the brush.

After what seemed like forever in the hot, sunny desert I finally made it to Julian, CA. Water sources are scarce right now and thankfully, generous trail angels provide. I find a much-welcome Gatorade, plus 30 gallons of water, at the underpass near Scissors Crossing.

It was wonderful to cool off and hydrate a bit before heading to town.

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