Pushing Miles to Reach Mt. Laguna
PCT Days 4-5

PCT Thru-Hike

I’m up early and testing my trail legs on a 15.5 mile hike to Mt. Laguna to resupply. After a lovely NERO (nearly a zero – a short mile day) at the Boulder Oaks campground, I’m trying to catch up with my friends,

Evening comes early in this sleepy town and I’m too late to resupply when I arrive at about 5:30. My friends are off early in the morning, while I have do my shopping. I’ll head out later with a full belly from a satisfying omelet breakfast at the local restaurant, which opened up just for hungry hikers.

As it turns out, there are no other hikers around. I spend all day hiking solo, meeting only one other thru-hiker as I trek toward Pioneer Mail trailhead to camp for the night. The next day is the same – somehow I’ve gotten myself between groups of hikers and it feels as if I’m the only one on the trail!

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