What’s a Joyful Rambler?

When I first started this site and the companion YouTube channel, people thought I called it Joyful Rambler because my name was Joy. (It’s not!)

“Joyful Rambler” is a state of mind

Since I was a girl soaking up stories of my grandmother’s global travels, I’ve been enticed by the idea of exploring new territory. I grew up sailing all around Florida, swimming, and biking wherever I could. My family camped during road trips crisscrossing the USA, fueling my imagination and sense of curiosity.

As an adult, my career took me around the world but I was traveling on someone else’s schedule (and budget). I rarely saw much beyond the airport and hotel. When I managed to eek out a little extra time to explore, it simply stoked my thirst for more adventure.

Eventually, I decided it was time to live on my own terms. Now I practice what I call “healthy selfishness” – my term for embracing experiences that make me a better person, friend, parent, and partner.

I delight in sharing my journey with kindred spirits who feel the same curiosity and sense of wonder in the world that I do. Won’t you join me and be a Joyful Rambler too?

How I Got Here

For years I ignored the persistent call of incurable wanderlust. I was tethered to corporate life, dying a slow death of terminal boredom. I finally had enough and set out to hike, bike, paddle, and sail across this amazing world.

My first big step (at age 52) was a 2018 thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail that I documented on YouTube. Sadly, that epic adventure was followed by an unexpected divorce when I returned home, and I had to reshape my life completely.

I learned how important it is to be true to yourself, spending time in places that feed your soul, with people who enrich your life and expand your horizons. I went all in, embracing full-time travel in my self-converted Promaster camper van.

As fun as it sounds, nomadic life isn’t perfect. The joy of discovery is often tempered with difficult, frustrating, confusing, and even heartbreaking moments. Those are the moments that force us to grow the most.

I pride myself on being real, sharing all the ups and downs of my adventures. It might not be Instagram pretty, but it’s authentic!

Your Feedback is Always Welcome.

Share your thoughts in the post comments or contact me personally. I’d love to hear from you!

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