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Whether you’re a hard-core wilderness adventurer or you simply long to see more of this amazing world, you’re welcome here at Joyful Rambler.

I’m Joey, a long-distance backpacker, hiker, van lifer, and adventurous travel bug. My diverse community includes all kinds of curious wanderers. That’s part of what’s so magical about the great outdoors: it’s there for everyone!

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Look around and discover informative and entertaining videos and blog posts. I offer up backpacking tips and gear lists for thru-hiking long distance trails like the AT and the PCT. Unbiased gear reviews help you pick the right items for your kit and my vlogs tell it like it is.

Get a glimpse of full-time van and travel with me as I explore destinations in the US and abroad. I’m always up for something new, so if you’d like to suggest a place I should go, just contact me.

Visiting Congaree National Park
Hiking the Tennessee Rock Trail
Jackrabbit Mountain Trail

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